How It All Began & Our Mission

The original idea for THE METAL STRAW CO came to life in our family kitchen. After years of using plastic straws for our daily juices and drinks, my teenage children started to question our plastic consumption. Did I realise how damaging straws were for the environment? At the time, I was blindly unaware that straws are one of the most commonly found items in beach clean-ups, and that United Nations estimate that 2,000 tonnes of plastic straws end up in our oceans every year. My children then continued to educate me on the severely damaging and negative effects plastic is having on our oceans, sea life and planet. 

With the help of Google, I decided to further educate myself and see what we could do to help. Being a health conscious daily veggie juice junkie I needed to use straws (daily) – so I had to figure out a solution to a very big problem. A few prototypes and a branding pack later, and THE METAL STRAW CO was born.

OUR MISSION is to adopt all the Sea Turtles at the The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida. These turtles will live out their days in the hospital due to the nature of their injuries. So far, as of August 2019 we have adopted Bubble Butt, Rebel and Bender. Profits from our store help us achieve this and this in turn would not be possible without the kind support of our customers, so THANK YOU 

Nowadays, our business has come a long way from our kitchen table. Please join me in preserving our beautiful planet and welcome a new addition to your stainless steel cutlery family. Washable, durable and sure to last a lifetime.  Hello Metal Straw.