Sainsburys is slashing plastic use - thanks to you!

After a year of relentless pressure from Greenpeace supporters, Sainsburys has pledged to radically cut plastics and invest in refillable and reusable alternatives.

There is no doubt your emails and petition signatures get results -  just ask Sainsburys chief executive Mike Coupe. The supermarket recently pledged to cut the amount of plastic packaging in its own label and branded grocery products by 50% by 2025. That’s a victory for everyone who campaigned. To put it into perspective, last year the store reduced plastic packaging by a measly 1% and came bottom of our league table ranking supermarkets plastic policies. Pretty poor effort !

And a key reason for the U-turn? YOU. As Mike Coupe put it “plastic use is the single biggest issue I get emails and letters from customers about. We know its front and centre of what our customers care about and therefore it’s incumbent on us to take action”.

Over 95,000 supporters emailed Sainsburys CEO this year calling on the company to ditch single use plastics. Local group volunteers also visited stores around the country with ‘Sainsburys couldn’t care less ‘ posters. As customers and the media put more pressure on the supermarket, it had to respond. Sainsburys is now talking to suppliers about how to halve plastic packaging and Greenpeace will be working with senior staff to make sure it happens. Supporters have helped make this possible. Now we need other supermarkets to follow suit. Watch this space……