Rose Gold Cocktail Straws for a Happy Planet!

Make a switch from spoiling that special cocktail with plastic straws to reusable rose gold cocktail straws. Every reusable metal straw stops approximately 540 single-use straws from going to waste and into our oceans every year. Plastic straws are commonly found in oceans and rarely recycled or degrade even after 400 years. After many years they are converted into microparticles and as a result plastic are eaten by marine animals as a part of their food chain.

We have decided to wage the war on plastic straws as they are non-recyclable and not only blow into ocean and waterways but have even been proven to harm our wildlife. We need to change our buying habits and become more eco-conscious.

Our rose gold cocktail straws come in packs of 4 and with one cleaning brush. They are branded with THE METAL STRAW CO and are the perfect accessory to really dress up your cocktail.

Our rose gold cocktail straws are best for both hot and cold drinks for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

At an elegant cocktail party and casual occasions use our stylish and shiny rose gold metal straws instead of using disposable straws. The materials are BPA-free, hypoallergenic, the colors are non-toxic, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, dentist & hygienist recommended.

They measure 140mm in length and 6mm in diameter - ideal for sipping on your favorite summer drinks whilst doing your bit for the planet. These straws are smaller than our regular straws - perfectly sized to fit into your cocktail glasses and small enough for the smallest of handbags.