GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL - six tips for going eco friendly

Anyone who's seen the aftermath of festivals will know that it can end up looking like a landfill rather than a green field celebration of music.

Familiar sights include thousands of plastic bottles, collapsed tents on the floor and endless wellies sunken in the mud (yep its traditionally a rain festival too)

Shockingly about 23,500 tonnes of waste are produced each year at music festival according to Powerful Thinking, a think tank focused on the festival industry, and roughly two thirds of that goes into the dreaded landfill.

That said people are increasingly making more eco conscious decisions on how to be a 'green' festival goer. Here are six simple tips on how you can make a positive difference to the negative impact these events can have on the environment.


Get a coach and share the CO2 emissions. This is probably the equivalanet to 20 cars worth of carbon emissions so a win win. Coaches also generally get priority access and will drive right up to the site.


Take a raincoat that you will use again. Dont buy a plastic 'wear once' poncho if you can really help it. Chances are you will leave it behind and just add to the rubbish levels. If you do take a poncho - be sure to bring it back home, they are generally good for a few more wears anyway.


Depending on your ticket you may or may not have access to shower facilities. If you dont then in steps the dreaded 'wet wipe' wash style method. Be sure to buy biodegradable or compostable wet wipes . Failing that - wait till you get home for a good hot shower or long relaxing  bath. You will be suprised at how many people prefer this option.


The sale of plastic water bottles has been banned at Glastonsbury this year. Even the acts performing wont be able to buy bottled water. There are approximately 1750 watering taps located on site for you to refill your reuseable water bottle so there is plenty to go around. Dont take throw away plastic straws but take a metal straw and consider resuable cutlery - just raid the kitchen drawer !


The spectacular glitter artwork always makes an appearance at festivals - just please make sure its biodegradable as many are not. 


There are often misconceptions about using tents at festivals. Some assume they will be given to charity but this is rarely the case. Who would want a mud drenched tent or one soaked in beer for that matter? Rather than buying a tent see if friends or family have one you can borrow and if you are keen festival goer buy one you can use again next year. 

Two other essentials NOT to forget - your loo roll and your toothbrush !

One can never really guarantee the british weather but I truly hope that this year the sun is shining for you all and that you have a fantastic, safe and fun filled festival.

Much Love