Why Drinking Through A Straw Is Better For Your Teeth – from a dental protection view point

Who saw the online petition from McDonalds customers asking for the return of the plastic straw? Needless to say, these people, in my opinion, were unaware of the plastic pollution problem attributed to plastic straws. That aside, many people would have their say on social media ‘you don’t need a straw’, ‘why do you need a straw in the first place’ yes, the list went on and on and so did the rants!

So, let me explain why its better for you to sometimes drink your drink with a straw (just not plastic)!

You may be aware that certain drinks we consume are better or worse for the teeth than others.

For example, acidic or sweet beverages are more harmful to the teeth in terms of eroding the enamel layer and causing cavities, for instance.

However, did you know that how you consume a beverage can also be better or worse for your oral health as well? It’s true!

Because drinking a beverage through a straw means the drink has less contact with the teeth, this is typically better for general oral health than sipping straight from a cup.

Straw-drinking is generally the safest, and here’s why:

Drinking Through A Straw Causes Less Enamel Deterioration And Less Tooth Sensitivity

Acidic drinks such as alcoholic beverages and lemonade, for example, are prone to wearing away the enamel layer of the teeth due to their high acidic pH. This then can cause tooth sensitivity and a higher risk for oral-related problems.

When you drink these beverages through a straw though, the beverage has less contact with the teeth. In turn, this reduces the risk of enamel deterioration and tooth sensitivity.

It Also Helps Prevent Cavities

Sugary drinks that are sipped straight from the cup are in direct contact with the teeth, leaving sugary residue on and in between the teeth. As a result, this can increase the risk of cavity formation. Drinking through a straw, though, helps to prevent this from occurring.

Straws Prevent Teeth Staining

We all know that dark or very strong beverages stain the teeth over the course of time. Coffee and tea are two of those substances, unfortunately. If your super healthy green veggie juice has natural turmeric added – be careful you could end up with orange teeth if you drink straight from the cup!

However, don’t let this cause you to become discouraged. Instead, drink these beverages through a straw to keep your pearly whites as white as possible. Drinking these beverages through a straw can also prevent erosion of the teeth as coffee and tea tend to be acidic.

For Those Suffering from Tooth Sensitivity, Sweet, Cold, Or Hot Beverages Will Be Less Harmful To The Teeth When Consumed With A Straw.

Tooth sensitivity due to enamel deterioration is painful to say the least. 

For these reasons, drinking a beverage through a straw is ideal in many circumstances. The simple use of a straw can prevent enamel deterioration, reduce the chances of tooth sensitivity, and prevent cavities. It can also avoid tooth discoloration and prevent the pain from those with pre-existing sensitive teeth.

Whilst as adults we all have a choice on how we decide to drink our drinks but as parents it is up to us to ensure our children’s teeth are looked after 😊 and they develop good oral hygiene habits.


I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Much love